2D Laser Detection Scanner


2D Laser Detection Scanner

  • Detect up to 7000m2 (200o angular, 60m range)
  • Horizontal or vertical scanning - Select detection area & object sizes
  • Withstands snow, rain, fog, direct sun
  • Applicable To:

  • Vertical - Roof top
  • Horizontal - Vast area with no obstacles


  • Guaranteed high Probability of Detection (PD)
  • Very low FAR / NAR
  • Inherent self-adjusting mechanism
  • Vertical resolution of detection within a given zone
  • Low power consumption
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Commonly used in wall-mounted applications

PLS200 is a 2D laser scanner designed for outdoor intrusion detection. It brings a whole range of pioneering features and benefits to scores of applications where speed, accuracy, security and availability are paramount.

Spanning over more than 7000m² (200° angular, 60m range) the PLS200 rapidly scans the scene to detect any intrusion attempt within the arbitrary defined area of interest.

PLS200 is allowed to be horizontal and vertical installed, and it can be set the surface detection area or vertical detection area according the site needs

The PLS200 is specially designed for outdoor use. Its new, high-speed sampling 5-echo technology provides five measurements for each emitted pulse with the reflectivity value for each distance value. PLS200 looks right through rain, fog, snow and dust. It is even possible to measure changing weather conditions in front of the object of interest.



  • Perimeter protection and large facade surveillance
  • Concealed virtual fence
  • Roof protection at prisons, banks, art galleries and any high security building


  • Large scanning range and area coverage (120m diameter)
  • Selective field evaluation for more accuracy
  • Higher measurement speed for reduced false alarm rates
  • Synchronization of units for large area coverage
  • Greatly improved weather immunity due to 5-echo technology
  • Compact size for easy and flexible mounting and low installation costs
  • Low-noise operation for indoor applications



Technical Specifications
Light source Infrared (905nm)
Laser class 1, eye safe (IEC60825-1 (2007-6))
Field of view 200°
Beam Inclination Angle 0° ± 0.3°
Number of Tracked Object 16 simultaneously
Scanning freguency 2Hz/4Hz/6Hz/8Hz/12Hz
Heating Yes
Range 0m ~ 35/60m (PLS200-35/60)
Low Reflective Object Detection Range Max. 25m/50m
Spot Size 1.0 mrad @ 2 scan/sec
2.0 mrad @ 4 scan/sec
3.0 mrad @ 6 scan/sec
4.0 mrad @ 8 scan/sec
6.0 mrad @ 12 scan/sec
Mounting Height 0-8m
Systematic Error Less than ±50mm
Operating voltage 12V DC ±10%
Power consumption 8W + 20W heating
Enclosure rating IP67 (EN 60529)
Weight 1.85kg
Housing color Dark Gray
Dimensions 200mm x 120mm x 110mm
Temperature -30°C ~ 50°C
Installation Vertical / Horizontal
Possibility additional tracking
PTZ Dome camera / spotlight

Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.


Serial (RS-232, RS-422/485)
Data rate: 9.6kB ~ 115.2kB