Ranging Buried Cable Intrusion Detection Sensor


Ranging Buried Cable Intrusion Detection Sensor

  • Detect & locate ± 1m
  • Noteless
  • Up to 800m per processor
  • Be able to detect multiple intruders at the same time
  • Applicable to:

  • Direct buried in underground and not affect appearance


Taut Wire is an ideal solution for long perimeters with minimal infrastructure (such as borders or remote sites), as well as for harsh climate installations.



Sensor cables can be direct-buried in a variety of mediums including most normal soil types, asphalt and concrete. In soil the cables are buried approximately 23 cm (9 in.) below the surface. In asphalt and concrete slots are cut approximately 6 cm (2.25 in.) deep The terrain-following, volumetric detection field is typically 1 m (3.28 ft.) high by 3 m (9.84 ft.) wide by up to 800 m (2625 ft. or 1/2 mile) long per sensor processor. Systems can be standalone or networked for long perimeters whereby sensor cables are connected together to create a continuous perimeter.


How It Works

OmniTrax uses ported (“leaky”) coaxial sensor cables to create an invisible elecromagnetic detection field. The cables are designed with apertures in the transmit cable’s outer conductor which allow energy to escape and be retrieved by the corresponding parallel receive cable. OmniTrax uses a patented coded pulse signal technique to determine the exact intrusion location, which can identify multiple intruders simultaneously. Detection is based on the intruder’s electrical conductivity, size and speed. The Probablity of detection (Pd) for an upright 35 kg (77 lbs.) intruder, penetrating through the detection field and moving between 50 mm (2 in.) per second to 8 m (26 ft.) per second is greater than 99%, with 95% confidence. Objects weighing less than 10 kg (22 lbs.) are rejected with a statistical confidence level of 95%. Any attempt to tamper with the cables, the processor or its enclosure, causes an alarm. OmniTrax sensor calibration is simple. Walking down the sensor cables while in calibration mode allows the system to automatically adjust to the sensitivity of each meter (3.3 ft.) and thus compensates for site variations. Buried cable installation has never been so easy with calibrated thresholding. Each OmniTrax processor can divide the perimeter protected by its two cable sets into as many as 50 alarm zones. Zones can be changed at any time by technical personnel using the UCM software.

Ranging Technology

Knowing exactly where an intruder enters the perimeter is vital to assessing the situation and initiating a response. Senstar pioneered the development of buried coaxial cable technology, starting with Guidar in 1976 and then with successive product generations including Sentrax and Perimitrax®. With OmniTrax, Senstar extends the technology to include the location of intruders with pinpoint accuracy.

Ranging Technology - Features

  • Calibrate thresholding - separate threshold per meter of cable
  • Software zoning - up to 50 zones per processor, easily adjusted
  • Pinpoint target location
  • Precise diagnostics - locate faults and source of nuisance alarms
  • Simplified installation - fewer constraints, installation via cable plough possible

Ranging Technology - Benefits

  • Reduced installation costs
  • Uniform detection field reduces nuisance alarms
  • Flexibility for any environment
  • Simplifies troubleshooting
  • Source of nuisance alarms accurately located
  • Minimal sensor downtime
  • Support analysis done remotely over secure links

Omnitrax Networked System




Features & Benefits
Up to 800 m (1/2 mi.) of protection per sensor processor
Locates intruders to within ±1 m (3.3 ft.) with a 95% confidence
Operates through vegetation (grass, shrubs and trees)
Insensitive to wind, rain, snow, hail, sandstorms, fog, extreme temperatures, seismic vibration, acoustic, magnetic effects or blowing debris
Detects and accurately locates multiple simultaneous intrusions
Low NAR and high Pd
Sensor networking - power and data over cable reduces installation costs and provides inherent data security
Enhanced diagnostic tools - using Universal Configuration Module (UCM)
Up to 5 processors protecting up to 4 Km (2.5 miles) of perimeter for each power connection point
Up to 60 processors protecting up to 48 Km (29.3 miles) of perimeter can be networked on one network loop
Completely covert and site aesthetics left unchanged
Alarm assessment and response can be focused exactly on the point of intrusion
Tamper proof
Silver Network™ - enhanced communications
Graded sensitvity cables - optimal performance
Lowest Vulnerability to defeat (Vd) of any outdoor perimeter intrusion detection sensor

Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

OmniTrax Datasheet

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