Core Switches

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Core Switches

RG-S5750-H Series

A Collection of Next-Gen Multiservice Switches, Offering Remarkable Performance & Enhanced Security

  • Customized for Large Campus Network: Up to 64K MAC Address
  • Exceptional Performance & Scalability: Up to 598G Switching Capacity & 8 10GE Ports (48GT Model)
  • Network Virtualization (VSU) Support (Up to 9 Stack Members)
  • Out-of-box with Advanced Layer 3 Routing, MPLS & SDN Features
  • High Reliability: Hot Patches, 1+1 Power Module Redundancy, Hot Swappable Components


A New-Generation Layer 3 Switch Features High Performance, High Security & Multiservices

  • With Full Gigabit Interface Form
  • Scalable High-Density 10 Gigabit Ethernet Ports
  • 1:1 Multilayer Switching at Full Line Rates
  • Built-in X-Sense 3" Smart Antenna (Up to 12-Direction Smart Antennas)
  • 4,096 Antenna Combinations
  • 2x2 MIMO / 2x3 MIMO (Multiple In Multiple Out)