A Next-Gen Firewall Offering Security, Routing & Switching Features All In One with Extensive Interface Varieties & Flexible Configuration



  • Hardware Acceleration with Superior Performance (From 1.5Gbps to 80Gbps FW Throughput)
  • Built-in Advanced Firewall, IPS, Anti-X Features Protection
  • Security, Switching & Routing All-In-One (Up to 42 GE Ports & 8 10GE Ports)
  • Comprehensive Logs and Audits (With Internal Storage)

Hardware Acceleration with Superior Performance

The RG-WALL 1600 Firewall Series deploys ASIC hardware chip acceleration technology to achieve isolated processing of application recognition, anti-virus and traffic control modules. The feature speeds up the operation efficiency of multiple modules running simultaneously, enhancing the overall device performance.

New Security & Protection Features

The firewall achieves access control based on users, resources and applications. The versatile product supports integration with user authentication system for unified policy configuration. The feature hence enables visualized security management in a faster and more efficient manner. Full multi-service protection is hence available for firewall, VPN and UTM. The excellent performance of anti-virus, IPS, flow control and web filtering offers comprehensive network security. Extra protection features include DoS/DDoS protection, MAC and IP addresses binding, intelligent anti-worm technology, protection against ARP attacks, labeling TCP packet as illegal attacks and protection against super large ICMP packet attacks. The firewall supports hot backup of dual devices, and Active/Active and Active/Passive modes for load balancing and service backup. It supports synchronization of signature library and policy database and also enables dual deployment of configuration documents.

Security, Switching & Routing All-In-One

To offer all-rounded protection, the Firewall Series provides up to 42 GE ports, 16 SFP ports and 8 SFP+ ports to meet the access requirements at different scenarios with no additional equipment required. The routing features of the firewall can also be implemented at the network gateway for Internet connection, further maximizing cost savings.


Unsurpassed Multi-service Protection

The RG-WALL 1600 Firewall Series deploys a unified database of signatures and an engine for analytics. The features thereby enhance the operation efficiency of multi-service modules running at the same time. The device also maintains premier performance even when all functions are in full operation, fulfilling user demands on high performance and security.

Unified & Simplified Management

The firewall enables configuration of all features in a single page including policy, time, anti-virus, IPS and flow control, which greatly reduces the workload of network management, avoids network fault caused by policy conflicts and achieves the user-oriented configuration management concept.

Comprehensive Logs and Audits

The firewall offers a broad spectrum of logs, traffic statistics and analysis functions. It also provides event monitoring, statistical features, email alerts, working with the log management system to complete log record, enquiry and analytics.

In-depth User / Application Detection

With the next-generation application recognition engine, the firewall can detect and analyze network traffic without latency. Based on user/ application in-depth fine-grained recognition, the firewall minimizes the number of protection policies, achieves comprehensive security protection for mobile office and application detection of smart devices.

Advanced Energy Efficiency

The firewall deploys a market-leading chip delivering unequalled energy and noise reduction. The modular power supply highly enhances energy efficiency, supporting long-hour operation in harsh environment.



Hardware Specifications
Fixed Ports 42 GE ports (RJ45), 2 SFP ports
Management Port 1
Console Port 1 (RJ45)
USB Port 1 for client, 1 for server
Internal Storage 64GB
Performance and Capacity
Firewall Throughput (64/ 512/ 1518 bytes) 4Gbps
Firewall Latency 6μs
Concurrent Sessions 3.2Mil
New Sessions/Sec 80K
IPsec VPN Throughput 1.3Gbps
IPsec Tunnels 2,000
IPS Throughput 2.1Gbps
2.1Gbps 600Mbps / 1.1Gbps
Operating Mode
Layer 2 (Transparent Mode) Support
Layer 3 (Routing and NAT Mode) Support
Hybrid Mode Support
NAT (Network Address Translation) Support
PAT (Port Address Translation) Support
VLAN Routing Support
Number of Users Per Port Unlimited
Firewall Features
Stateful Inspection Packet Filtering Support
Application Layer Protocol Inspection Support
MAC/IP Binding Support
Security Domain Support
Anti-Scanning and Anti-DoS Attack Support
Anti ARP Spoofing, ARP Active Probing Support
Connection Limits Support
Temporary Blocking Support
Customized Packet Capture Support
Routing Features
OSPF Dynamic Routing Support
RIP Dynamic Routing RIPv1/v2 support
Static Routing Support
Multicast Routing Support
H.323 over NAT Support
Policy-Based Routing, Rule-based Routing Support
DHCP Support DHCP Server, DHCP Client, DHCP Relay
PPPoE Support
VPN Features
VPN Tunnels Flexible on-demand configuration
Types of VPN Supported GRE, L2TP, IPsec
Encryption Standard DES, 3DES, AES
Authentication Algorithm SHA1, MD5
Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS) Support
IPsec Protocol Support
Manual Key, IKE Support
Peer Authentication Extensible Authentication Protocol Support
IPsec NAT Traversal Support
PDynamic VPN Access Support
QoS Support
Collaboration With Other Mainstream VPN Devices Support
Content Filtering
URL Filtering Support
Web Content Filtering Support
Script, Cookie Filtering Support
Web Proxy Filtering Support
Anti-Spam Support
Email Address Filtering Support
Email Attachments Shield Support
Email Size Filtering Support
Policy-Based Content Filtering Support
Virus Filtering Based on HTTP\FTP\SMTP\POP3\IMAP Protocol Support
Virus Filtering for IM File Transfers Support
VPN Traffic Virus Filtering Support
Blocking Specific File Types Support
Online Virus Database Updates Support
Intrusion Detection and Prevention
Self-Recognition Protocol Support
Attack Signature Database Support
Anti Worms, Backdoor Trojans, Phishing and Other Attacks Support
Multiple Policy Sets Support
Signature Database Upgrade Support
Customized Signature Database Support
IPv6 Ready Certificate Support
IPv4/IPv6 Dual Stack Support
Policy/Content Filtering/IPS Inspection/Traffic Control/VPN Support
Static Route/RIPng/OSPFv3 Support
IP-based Traffic Control Support
DHCPv6 Server and Relay Support
Internet Behavior Management
IM Software Login and File Transfer Control Support
Speed ​​Control of P2P Software Support
Streaming Media Software Speed Control Support
Online Game Control Support
Stock Software Control Support
System Management
Local Administrator Database Support
Restrictive Management Network Support
Administrators Classification Support
Software and Signature Updates Support
Time Synchronization Support
Configuration Changes Support web, command line
Certificate Authentication Support
Management Methods Support web, command line
Standard MIB or Private MIB Support
SNMP Support SNMPv1/v2/v3
Centralized Management Support
Local Management Support
Remote Management Support
Shell Session Support
Virus Database Updates Support
Logs Monitoring
Internal Log Database Support
External Log Server Support
Remote System Log Server Support
Real-Time Statistics Support
Log Level Support
Log Backup Support
System Status Display Support
Alarm Mode Support
High Availability
HA Mode Support routing mode and transparent mode HA
Configuration File / Change Synchronization Support configuration and status synchronization
Signature Database Synchronization Support
HA Device Authentication Support
HA Data Encryption Support
Hardware Specifications
Dimensions (W x D x H) (mm) 432 x 298 x 44
Rack Height 1RU
Weight 4.8kg
Power Redundancy Support (External FRPS-100)
Power Consumption 98W
Temperature Operating Temperature: 0℃ to 40℃
Storage Temperature: -25℃ to 70℃
Humidity Storage Humidity: 20% to 95%